Small Master Bathroom Ideas to Have


Small Master Bathroom Ideas - Storage

Small master bathroom ideas – Well, the bathroom is no longer a second place in our home, in opposite it can be a prominent place where the owner find peace and relax ambiance.

A small bathroom can be comfortable as well, though it is small.

Master bathroom might be not like another shower in your home; this has to be a special place for homeowners to relax from daily routines.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas - Wide Open Bath

Small Master Bathroom Ideas – Wide Open Bath

You might know that the key to creating a more significant look from small space is by using white or palette color with right lighting.

This is our first idea in this small master bathroom. Some might use plastic or fabrics curtains to separate the dry area or where the vanity place with the wet zone or the shower area.

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Small Master Bathroom Ideas

Yet, this will make a boundary and resulted in the smaller area we get in the bathroom. For a small bathroom, you can change the plastic or fabrics curtain with glass door.

Glass or mirror which is combined with light will illuminate your room so that you will find that your bathroom will look bigger.

You can also place your bathtub near the glass window so that you can see the scenery on the outside of your bathroom while showering.

This way also helps you to limit the boundary that makes your bathroom look small.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas - Washstand

Small Master Bathroom Ideas – Washstand

The choice of washstand or vanity also takes the essential part here.

If you want to save place choose vanity which has a cabinet, you can install one which suits the area you have in the bathroom.

Cabinet with sink will save more space, and this way will help you to have a full area to walk. Add a full mirror above your vanity.

You can also put lights near your vanity. This can be great for small master bathroom ideas.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas - Colors and Lights

Small Master Bathroom Ideas – Colors and Lights

Right color for small space is neutral or palette color. Mix beige, cream, white, and gray in the same area.

For the material you can have granite or stone material, tile can be the alternative if you want a cheaper material.

Continuous tile can also help to more extensive your small space. Those colors are great to combine with the spotlight.

Choose spotlight for the bathroom, avoid using a chandelier. The spotlight will help you to spot the exciting point you want to show the most.

Besides colors and lights, wall from mirror might also be a great idea to use, especially if mirror which is above the vanity is not enough.

The use of wall mirror will double your room. It will create the illusion that your room size is increased.

Well, of course, it will be quite pricey.

Small Master Bathroom Ideas - Storage

Small Master Bathroom Ideas – Storage

Save your space by choosing the right furniture. What you need to do to create a stunning master bathroom is avoiding large furniture.

Open shelves are a great idea to place in a small space. You can have ladder shelves which are open shelves; you can also set stuff you have by using the hanging cabinet for your bathroom.

Besides using vanity with cabinet under it, you can also use this idea to save space in your small master bathroom.